Ayurveda Mums Health Tips and Secret

Ayurveda Health Tips and Secret For Mums

Top Ayurveda Mums Health Tips and Secrets

Ayurveda Mums Health Tips and SecretCenturies before modernity provided scientific evidence for the mind-spirit-body connection, the Indian Medicine men developed Ayurveda, one of the oldest and most sophisticated systems of medicine in the world. Which continues to be one of the world’s powerful holistic health systems. “Ayurveda” combines the Sanskrit words Ayur (life) and Veda (science or knowledge) therefore; More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a science of life. It combines diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing for medication.  Read below in Details ayurveda mums health tips and secret.

Ayurveda Mums Health Tips

Offers one of the fastest paths to health. According to one’s unique body physiological structure, a simple direct prescriptive path is developed to match one’s dietary needs in relation to their health issue. The development is based on one’s body type (doshas) could either be; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Ayurveda clearly denotes that “ALL” good health starts with digestion; with the proper metabolism of food. The most important things we can do for our health at any single moment is to eat wisely. If we eat foods uniquely suited to our physiology, food too will serve a medicine, if taken at the right routine that enhance digestion. our bodies will bear the benefits and we will find that our days will be happier, healthier and filled with real vitality.

Here are top five Ayurveda mums health tips that dietary Do’s.

Avoid Food Fads

The beauty of Ayurveda is that, it recognizes our uniqueness and gives us a knowledge and perspective that is empowering; that allows us to manage our own health in a very personalized manner. Keeping up with the latest on what to eat, how, or when, can be a challenge. After all, what works for a million other people may still not be right for us, as each of us is a unique being.

Mums Health

Feeding Your Soul

Balanced health goes beyond physical wellness to well-being in mind, spirit, emotions and senses as well. The food we eat can nourish our mind, body and emotions, not just our flesh. Cooking and eating in a harmonious environment turns any meal into nectar. A pleasant, tidy, cheerful surrounding and the nurturing company of friends and or family will actually make mealtimes more nourishing.

Embrace Good Healthy Eating Habits

Ayurveda principle holds the belief that; ‘we can add life to our years and years to our lives’ by following a good eating routine.  Leftovers are considered less healthy and prone to fungal infections than fresh foods, and when convenient to do so are best avoided.

Additionally, giving gratitude, according to our tradition, for the food we eat, and sitting quietly during and for a few minutes after the meal, are recommended.

High Fruits and Vegetables Intake

Ayurveda prefers bioavailable foods. What do we mean by bioavailable? Think of a piece of broccoli. If it is raw, how long does it take for our digestive enzymes (digestive fire) to penetrate completely to its core and break it down? Now imagine a cooked piece of broccoli.

Be Spice-Wise

Spices not only add flavour and aroma; they also bring therapeutic value to any meal. Spices help boost natural immunity, and most of them can increase our digestion so our bodies are able to absorb and assimilate the nutrients from the foods we eat.

Mum Health Tips

Drink to Your Health

When possible avoid caffeine, alcohol and carbonated soft drinks and switch to life-giving, beverages. Start with water, that most basic yet most overlooked drink. Drinking lots of warm water through the day helps to rehydrate our system and expel toxins out of the body. Drinking ice-cold water, especially before and after meals is highly discouraged. Otherwise, room-temperature or warm water is best. When we drink ice-cold water, it slows blood flow in the stomach region and slows the action of digestive enzymes. Blood flow and digestive enzymes actions are directly responsible for strong digestion, anything that can be done support the two will help the digestion process hence rendering a meal beneficial to our mums health.

Ayurvedic Health Tips

Just as the dietary Ayurveda believes in the mighty success of Ayurveda, so is the herbal Ayurveda. This branch of Ayurveda believes that, Ayurvedic medicine is the only Ancient health remedy that is into existence till to date. Here are a number of herbal tips.


The Aamla, well known as Indian Gooseberry. The fruits and leaves serves the medical aspect, and has a wide range of medicinal value. It has been proven that it help to reduce stress and make smoother our the skin. It is also believed to heal fever, tuberculosis and other chest infections. The fruit-leave extracted medicine can be applied internally through the oral cavity or externally on the skin. Oral intake has been proven to be more beneficial than the external. Taking of this fruit on regular basis has been suggested not only in diseased condition but also for general maintenance of health.


The Tulsi, famously known as the Holy Basil, is well known for its leaves and seeds medical aspect. Juice extracted from the leaves is used as a diaphoretic (sweat production) stimulant, as well as a cure for earache. Leaves infusion is used as a stomachache in gastric disorders of children and hepatic infections. It’s seeds are used to cure the urinary system disorders whereas the roots extractions are used as medicine for malaria fever.

Ayurveda Health Tips and Secret For Mums


Kamal famously known as by name Lotus. It is well known for its flower, leaves and rhizome impact in the field of medicine. The flowers have a cooling property and thus are used as astringent in case of diarrhea, cholera fever, liver disease. Skin disease medicine is prepared from the seeds of Lotus plant. A root powder is used as a paste in skin infections and ringworm infections. The plant is generally a medicine as a whole.

Yogic Breathing

Yoga and breath are inter twined mechanisms and best for mums health. When performing yoga techniques such as; asana, pranayama and meditation, the correct breathing is vital to enhance the full benefits of the practice. Yogic breathing is finding your natural breath. Breathing in a natural unconscious process that runs from birth to death and controlled by the central nervous system. This breathing process brings into consensus the mind, spirit and the body hence a holistic body agreement. This helps in correct the bad breathing habits that we develop in our life time.

This article “ayurveda health tips and secret for mums” has been prepared to help and enhance a holistic health with natural remedies. I hope you enjoy reading it and find it helpful, I believe it is.

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