Women Breast Cancer Symptoms, Signs and Treatments

What is Breast Cancer?

Women or Female Breast cancer is a kind of disease or illness that happens when breast cell start to grow abnormally. Breast cancer has four stages and it spread breast to bones, liver, lungs, and brain. The patient will die from it when breast cancer has metastasis. If you do not have regular treatment for it will spread one to other body parts. For better treatment and fast cure, you need to have a regular check-up or medicine as per your doctor. It’s a very painful disease in women’s. This is my personal suggestions for all females that take care of your breast. Learn from the online source like articles, blogs and press release about breast cancer, its stages and when it occurs in women breast. What is the reason for breast cancer? What are the symptoms and cause of breast cancer? What are the stages? How to cure it? All these are the necessary question that every female need to ask her doctor and must gather the knowledge or information through the internet.

Breast Cancer Day

Symptoms of Women or Female Breast Cancer

Lumps are the first and most important symptoms in the women’s and females that you need to look for. Screening test for your breast is most important when you feel unusual growth or irritation, pain, swelling or something else. Below are some important sign or symptoms of breast cancer in women and females that you can check or feel in yourself:

1. Rashes or Crusting in Nipples
2. Change in Nipples Area
3. Nipple Discharge
4. Nipple Color Change
5. Change to Nipple Skin Texture
6. Change to Nipple Size or Shape
7. Feel a Lump or Swelling in Breast
8. Breast Skin Irritation
9. Nipples Retraction
10. Breast Pain

Treatments of Women or Female Breast Cancer

There are 5 types of treatments for women or female breast cancer. All of these treatments are listed below:
1. Surgery
2. Radiation therapy
3. Chemotherapy
4. Hormone therapy
5. Targeted therapy
Important: Breast Cancer treatments can be some of the side effects. These are mentioned below:
1. Lungs Inflammations after radiation therapy
2. Arm Lymph Edema
3. Heart Failures
4. Blood Clotting
5. Premature Menopause
6. Leukemia

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